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It’s a wonderful life here in paradise, and I want to share it with you.


I have lived and worked in the islands since 1971.  My love for this state has driven me to know these islands intimately, and I want to share my knowledge with you.  Whether you are buying or selling property, searching for the right island or neighborhood to move to, or just need to have a simple real estate question answered, I am ready and able to assist you.

As an agent with East Oahu Realty, a non-franchised, independent brokerage firm, I provide excellent personalized attention for every client who enlists my services.  Just as importantly, our funds stay here in Hawaii.

Perhaps, like some of my other clients, you now find yourself needing more space or a different neighborhood to accommodate your growing family.  I will work with you to sell your current home and find the right fit for your family in as smooth a transition as possible.  Having gone through my own moves with a child in the house, I understand the unique position that can put you in.

First time home buyer? You might be feeling a little intimidated by the large amount of buyers interested in purchasing a home out of the limited pool of property on the market right now. Many people don’t realize the small steps you can take to become a more competitive buyer in today’s market. Not only will I help you find the right home, I will help you make the offer with the best chance of acceptance.

Your needs, your hopes and your dreams are what I want to fulfill.   There are many ways to work together, and we will explore them whenever you are ready.

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